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How do I make an appointment? Please  complete the Contact Form to schedule an appointment. If you are scheduling an appointment for a Medicaid recipient ( under 19) I will need a Medicaid Referral Form submitted from the primary care physician. This should be faxed to 205-390-2400. 

What kind of counseling do you offer?   Individual counseling (in office and telehealth), family counseling, and  substance abuse assessments.

How much are your sliding scale fees? In general, the lowest fee that is possible for individual services is $40.00 and for family is $50.00, however you are always welcome to discuss payment arrangements. 

I have an EAP program at my job that I would like to use.  I am an approved EAP provider through American Behavioral Health. You will first need to consult with your manager/HR department for an EAP referral . Once that referral is sent to us, we will contact you to schedule your appointment. 

What if I don't want to use my insurance/my insurance doesn't cover services/you don't accept my insurance. You can still pay privately for services. You and the counselor will agree to a payment plan. 


Any other questions? 

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