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Adrienne Cooper LPC-S

I am a Supervising Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC-S) in the state of Alabama and the owner of Lotus Counseling Services.  I received my MA degree from UAB in Community-Agency Counseling. I specialize in women's issues, particularly trauma including sexual abuse/assault, sex trafficking, domestic violence, and overall life transitions such as pregnancy, parenting, college adjustment, and divorce . With my background in Sociology, I am also able to factor in cultural, racial, and societal influences and those implications on a client's life and barriers to her achieving the goals she desires. 

My core belief as a counselor is that every client has the skills/abilities/strengths to reach any goal they have and overcome any problem they are experiencing. These "problems" or difficulties serve a purpose in our life in helping us develop into the person we want to become.  My role as a counselor is to provide support and guidance along that journey. Everyone is an individual and therefore there is no one approach that works for everyone. I pride myself on being genuine with my clients and utilizing counseling methods that are most effective for her as an individual.  

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